Upcoming Trainings

“Block Programming with Scratch and Code.org”

2 April 2022 (09:00 – 11:00 MMT)

Scratch and Code.org are visual programming platforms with a drag-and-drop interface, making it one of the most intuitive programming languages to learn. Block-based coding, also known as block based-programming, is a type of programming language where instructions are mainly represented as blocks. Blocks are arranged in a logical sequence to carry out a desired function in the program.  Computer science and other subjects like mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies are connected and the studying of programming with block-based coding will encourage students to practice coding concepts and improve computational thinking.

“Touch-up for MS Word and PowerPoint”

16 July 2022 (09:00 – 11:00 MMT)

This training will povide you with the necessary skill that will help you to know:

  1. how to merge any document like a directory or spreadsheet into Microsoft Word and enter recipient information to letters, emails or envelopes.
  2. how to create a complete slide master in powerpoint and improve your slide show creation speed and continuity.

Mail merge

  • Mail merge lets you create a batch of documents that are personalized for each recipient.
  • Mail Merge is a handy feature that incorporates data from both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and allows you to create multiple documents at once, such as letters, saving you the time and effort of retyping the same letter over and over.
  • Microsoft Word’s mail merge features turn boilerplate form letters into documents that read like individual correspondence. Compared to the process of preparing individual letters to convey one set of information to many people, mail merge saves time and effort, producing mass mailings complete with labels or envelopes.


  • A Slide Master is the top slide in a hierarchy of slides that stores information about the theme and slide layouts of a presentation, including the background, color, fonts, effects, placeholder sizes, and positioning.
  • It is a powerful tool that can increase the speed and continuity of any presentation when implemented correctly. You will learn how to navigate the interface of the Slide Master, as well as how to manipulate any Slide Master to your presentation needs. Continuing on, this course will also show how you can change the entire presentation’s layout at once, finishing with creating a new Slide Master from scratch.
  • The Master page object model allows you to make changes to the master page from individual content pages. This allows fine grained control over the rendering of the final page.

“Assessment for learning (AfL)”

16 July 2022 (13:30 – 15:30 MMT)

As rightly said by John Cowan, “Assessment is the engine which drives student learning.”

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is an approach to teaching and learning that provides feedback to teachers to improve students’ performance. Research has shown that learning strategies of AfL would help low-achieving students to improve their learning. AfL is closely related to formative assessment which helps to shape the learning and it takes place while the learning is still in progress. If a teacher implements this in their teaching, it would definitely help the students to improve and achieve better grades in their summative tests and examinations.

Students would become more engaged in their learning process and help them to gain confidence in what they are expected to learn and to what quality. It aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between a learner’s current learning and where they want to be in their learning and achievement and makes students more active in their learning and start to ‘think like a teacher’ which helps them to understand the content better.

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