RVi Academy is established on the philosophy that education provides a firm foundation to every student who possesses inert potential that can be tapped, trained and groomed for the benefit of the society.

We believe in a sound education system, developing of core competencies, adaption and innovation of teaching methodology, delivery and classroom management.

RVi Academy promotes the “TOTAL” student concept that develops each student intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally.

We embrace a happy, caring and learning culture that motivates each child for life-long knowledge and creative learning experience.


A strong STAR attitude provides the foundation for students’ spiritual, intellectual and physical development.


6 Mental Muscles (RIMWIP):Reasoning/Imagination/Memory/Will Power/Intuition/Perception
6 Mental Muscles (RIMWIP):Reasoning/Imagination/Memory/Will Power/Intuition/Perception
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