School Values

Stemming from our mission statement are four characteristics for each student to exhibit at all times.

R – Respect

     – Respect your teacher, your classmate and your family at all times

I – Integrity

   – Be honest at all times

   – Tell the truth

   – If you do not understand, be honest

   – If it’s your fault, own up

S – Social Responsibility

    – Be responsible for your school work

    – Take care and look after each other

    – In whatever you say, do be sensitive – don’t make insensitive remarks about each other’s race or religion

    – Take care and keep the classroom and school properties in good condition at all times

E – Excellence

    – In everything you do, do with excellence and to your best effort

School Motto

“Brilliance . Vision . Success”

A BRIGHT future is underscored by education foundation and vision

A clear VISION paves the way for success

Pursuit of SUCCESS develops excellence and self-confidence

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